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Dominate Your Local Market

Written By: Greg - Mar• 20•11

Traditionally, when a small business is looking to improve sales within their local market, they will turn to newspaper advertising, flyers, direct mail, and other forms of print/display advertising.  As a secondary source of leads, small business owners frequently join their local Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups.  Those with the financial means may even hire an advertising agency to help them formulate a marketing plan. While all of these means of marketing are viable, none of them tap into the resource that most people rely on above all others- the internet.

As a Temecula copywriter, I work in a relatively large local market that includes a vast area from Riverside to San Diego and then west into Orange County.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of small businesses within a 50-75 mile radius and despite those numbers, a business owner can still dominate their local niche market online with the proper strategy.  In fact, local search marketing is usually a highly under-utilized technique that has allowed me to achieve fast SEO results with many business owners.

Hiring an advertising agency or a high-priced SEO company is not only unnecessary, but it often will not yield the results that one can realize with a commercial copywriter who is well versed in writing SEO copy and distributing it through dozens of channels online.  This copy includes, but is not limited to, articles, press releases, and blog posts.  The search engines love this type of copy and the links it generates.  But SEO copywriting goes far beyond advertising and provides an aspect that can not be attained with even hundreds of display ads.  SEO copy uses keyword rich text to provide valuable information to a specific target audience.  So while the keywords are attracting the attention of the search engines, the information is capturing the attention of the customer.  In essence, it kills two birds with one stone.  Disseminating quality content in this manner establishes the business and business owner as experts in the field, builds rapport, and develops a level of trust despite the fact that the reader has never set foot into the business itself.

Here’s possibly the biggest advantage of writing SEO content…

It allows the little guys to compete with the big guys.  The internet is the great equalizer.  By distributing large amounts of SEO rich copy online, the small business can actually outrank the large business with the search engines and capture large amounts of web traffic.  The implication of this is tremendous as it means the one-person operation working out of his/her home can fight it out with the big corporation for the same customer… and win!

So why isn’t everyone already doing this?

That’s a great question, but also a relatively easy one to answer.

Most business owners do not understand exactly how Google and the other search engines work.  The do not know what to do in order to get ranked highly.  Even if they did know what to do, chances are they don’t have the time to devote to this labor intensive task as they are too busy managing the day-to-day operations of their business. Web designers can make a site look fantastic, but the great majority of them do not understand Google’s rules either- and those that do can only make changes on the webpage itself, they do not develop content for distribution.  Advertising agencies may or may not know what is needed, but the reality is that many ad agencies in smaller markets do not have SEO copywriters on staff and must outsource this work and that means they must over charge.

The Answer?

By hiring a freelance copywriter who is well versed in SEO content writing, a business can see amazing results in their local area very quickly.  Often, page one rankings will be achieved in a matter of a month or two (sometimes less) and the cost will usually be less than placing one weekend display ad in the newspaper each month.  Business exposure is increased, web traffic skyrockets, and content is created that lasts forever- not just for a weekend.   Business owners should interview a few copywriters, ask to see case studies and prior results, and should not be afraid to contact the copywriter’s previous clients.  It may take a little effort to find a good SEO copywriter, but doing so is like money in the bank!





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