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Written By: Greg - Mar• 23•11

Any savvy marketer will tell you that the key to high search engine rankings comes down to quality SEO content writing.  Yes, everything starts with in-depth keyword research, market analysis, proper structuring of the website itself, social media integration, and a number of other “on-page” factors.  But once that work is done, SEO content writing is critical for success and at the very least, it must be crafted in the following 3 ways:

On-site Text

Are the necessary keywords being used correctly with the required density on each page?  Text, categories, and page title are all ways to incorporate keywords into the pages.  Often, it will take a skilled SEO content copywriter to identify the proper keywords and then use them in a fashion that makes them search engine “friendly”  and reader friendly.  Simply loading a page up with keywords often results in awkward reading and can drive visitors away from the site.

Blog Integration

For results and traffic in a competitive market, a website must have a blog component.  This keeps content fresh and updated on a regular basis- something that all of the search engines love to see and will typically reward with superior rankings.  SEO content writing incorporated into the blog is a must.  This means that the posts consider and utilize the keywords that were identified during the research phase.  But the writing here must be taken one step further…  Are the posts fascinating?  Do they provide value to the reader?  Do they educate the reader?  Remember, people are most often searching online for answers and if the content does not bestow the desired information, they will leave and never come back.  Proficient SEO content stimulates the mind, encourages interaction, promotes sharing/bookmarking, generates future visits, and attains high rankings.  It will more often than not require a specialized hand to accomplish all of this.

Off-site Content

This is where the real work begins for an SEO content writer.  Creating content in the form of articles, press releases, forum posts and posts on 3rd party blogs are all methods of distributing information online to promote a website or business.  Making sure that this content then lands on high-authority sites becomes the primary goal.  Here’s how it works…

An experienced SEO content writer will assemble a compelling article based on the industry of the website he is trying to promote.  The article is written in a way that captures the attention of both the reader and the search engines (this takes practice and research).  The article then is posted on a high-authority site, i.e. a site that the search engines deem to be important.  All good SEO content writers know how to find and submit stories to these sites.  Most notably when submitted, the article is linked via anchor text back to the parent website.  This drives traffic, improves rankings, and builds credibility.

Achieving page one search engine rankings is a process. It is not something that occurs overnight and when a site is vying for rankings in a competitive industry, this process can not be short-cut or cheated.  The proper steps must be followed in the proper sequence and an integral part of that involves skilled and experienced SEO content writing.

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