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Written By: Greg

Ready to take your career/business to the next level?  Let’s get started…

With a past client list including Countrywide Home Loans, Tarbell Realtors, Vintage Mortgage Group, Breakthrough America, Gia Wellness, Dubots Capital Management, Attorney Ray A. Mandlekar, Financial Accounting Services, and more, I can help you to promote yourself with any of the following media.


Looking to promote your business or opportunity by publishing provocative and interesting content online?  “How to” and “Tips” articles are one of the best ways to provide value to readers and develop a following.  Allow me to build an article campaign that will attract hundreds of new visitors to your business.
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In today’s fast-paced, internet driven world, every business could benefit from a blog.  The key is to offer the reader content that is valuable, entertaining, and that meets a need.  Accomplishing this is often impossible for a hard-working owner/manager with a demanding schedule.  Outsourcing this task to a freelancer is far more economical than delegating it to an employee.  Blogs can be ghostwritten, allowing you and your business to receive full credit for the creativity.
Click this link to view a business blog with hundreds of subscribers that I built and continue to maintain.

College Admissions Essays

Although many high school seniors graduate with a general knowledge of writing, most need guidance in composing a piece that sells their strengths effectively to an admissions committee.  I tutor these young adults by taking their own work and teaching them how to incorporate foundational writing skills with a marketing approach which increases their opportunity for being accepted into the university of their choice.
Click here to view an essay example which was a result of me tutoring a graduating senior from a prominent Southern California family.

“How to…” Books and Guides

Want to establish yourself clearly as an expert in your field?  Do you have specific knowledge that is marketable and in demand?  Then a “How to…” book may be the perfect way to promote yourself and your business.  Plus, this type of publication generates income for you while it builds your prospect list.  Work with me as I ghostwrite your content to resonate with your audience and build your credibility within your industry.
Click Here for an Excerpt

Landing Pages and Powerpoint Presentations

Any successful business owner knows that the key to massive growth lies within your attract people to you and build your database.  One way to accomplish this is through a landing page encorporating targeted copy and video that captures the attention and curiosity of the visitor.  I can offer you not only effective copy, but also the design of niche specific information and a compelling video presentation putting your marketing efforts on steroids!
Click to view example of a landing page and Powerpoint that I designed for a small business owner.


Give your company a little extra flair by having the perfect marketing piece.  Allow me to take the stress out of the project (not to mention the expense of a graphic designer) and create print media that meets your needs AND attracts new clients to you!  If your budget is an issue, I’ll show you a strategy for subsidizing the cost of production.  You may even be able to accomplish this with NO out of pocket expense.
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Direct Mail Postcards or Business Letters

Targeted copy is the key here.  Once we discuss your audience, I’ll write copy that will maximize your results.
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