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Written By: Greg

Ready to increase your ties to the community and get your phone to ring?

Then you need a newsletter!

People love information, especially when it’s free!  Business cards end up in the round file, while a newsletter almost always finds its way into a prospect’s home, even if it is just for bathroom reading.  All jokes aside, a newsletter designed specifically for your target audience will establish your expertise, give you credibility, and provide exposure.  They can also be used to drive traffic to your website.

Since budgeting is almost always an issue, a copywriter such as myself with marketing skills can also help you find sponsors and advertisers for your newsletter that can whittle your cost down considerably.

And this is cool…

Those advertisers will be out there handing out YOUR newsletter and promoting YOUR business while they promote their own.

Here’s the best part…

You don’t need to know how to do any of this!  That’s my job.

Contact me today for more details on how this inexpensive yet effective idea can benefit you and visit my portfolio page to see examples of effective newsletters.