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Basic SEO Tips

Written By: Greg - Jan• 25•12

Temecula SEO TipsCheck Your Keywords, Metatags, Titles, Descriptions, Headings, URL’s

If you want your site to be recognizable by the search engines and get rankings, then the first step is to research keywords within your niche industry.  Keywords are terms that people would likely use to search Google if they are looking for a business/service that you provide.  For instance, if you are a corporate speaker in Southern California, “corporate speakers in San Diego” might be a common search term.

Once your identify 5-6 good keywords for your business, then these keywords need to be properly incorporated into your site.  Not just into the words on the pages, but also into the content behind the scenes- the content of your website that is not visible to visitors, but is VERY visible to the search engines. These are the metatags, titles, and descriptions.

Finally, changing your page headings and URL’s to match your desired keywords is always a smart move.  Just make sure you do it properly to avoid any 404 errors.

On-Page Content

Most websites are guilty of having content that needs to be beefed up.  You really solid information- something that captures the attention of visitors and makes an impact.   Your website is often someone’s first impression of you and your abilities.  You’ll get more and better paying conversions by making a great first impression online.


Most people tell me that one of the things that attracted them to my website was the professionally produced video on my home page.  A properly done video makes a HUGE difference in turning web visitors into clients.  Personally, I have about 8-10 websites and every one of them utilizes video. 

If someone goes to your website and sees a great video introduction on your home page, you have immediately set yourself above many of your competitors.  It’s a great way to develop rapport with people you’ve never met.

Imagine how powerful it would be if instead of a 1 paragraph explanation for your services, if you had a 2-3 minute video actually demonstrating your product or service!  Really give people the experience of what you can offer them.  You’d sell more product/service to more people!

Another advantage of video is that it can be syndicated on to sites like YouTube and Viddler and very often people will find you because they actually find your video BEFORE they find your website.

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Out-Spend or Out-Teach

Written By: Greg - Aug• 26•11

The concept of “out-spend or out-teach” is critical in today’s informational world and it applies equally to online and off line marketing efforts.  However, most small to medium sized business owners that I talk to today seem to be primarily concerned with their online marketing so for the purposes of this article, I will target my efforts on how “out-spend or out-teach” relates to those looking to grow their business via the internet. Continue reading “Out-Spend or Out-Teach” »

A Real Business Threat

Written By: Greg - Aug• 16•11

Online Business RiskIf you are building or running an online business, you have more to worry about than just your competition. Many who get started in this industry opt for a free or low-cost website via eBay, Facebook, GoDaddy, Vistaprint, or any of numerous avenues offering what looks to be an fast and inexpensive way to get a business started online. However, as Sonia Simone of Copyblogger points out, going this route may pose risks you haven’t even considered… Continue reading “A Real Business Threat” »

Landing Pages

Written By: Greg - Jul• 30•11

What are Landing Pages?

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and widely mis-used aspects of online marketing is a landing page.  To try and clear up the confusion and simplify, here is a basic overview of landing pages and how to make them an effective online marketing tool. Continue reading “Landing Pages” »

Marketing with QR Codes

Written By: Greg - Jul• 12•11

Sales Professionals Wanted!

Written By: Greg - Jun• 16•11

Do you have sales experience?

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I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with Market America Web Centers to be able to offer affordable, professional website design to all of my clients.  This service includes unlimited customer support before, during, and after the site is built and a design team with over 12 years of experience.

If you have sales experience and would like to receive $400 or more for every sale, then I want to speak with you! Continue reading “Sales Professionals Wanted!” »

Marketing vs Advertising

Written By: Greg - Apr• 21•11

What’s the difference between marketing and advertising? Surprisingly, there are many business owners who can not quickly identify a contrast between the two terms and many who think they are “marketing” when they are really “advertising”. Let’s start by looking at the definitions as provided by Wikipedia.

Advertising: “a form of communication used to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Most commonly, the desired result is drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering… ” Continue reading “Marketing vs Advertising” »

Why Most Websites Fail

Written By: Greg - Apr• 12•11

affordable web designIf you are a small business owner, you most likely have a website.  It may be a project that required thousands of dollars or it could be something rather simple such as a do-it-yourself blog.  Either way, building and maintaining a well designed website involves the investment of both time and money.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of business owners never recoup their investment as their sites get very little traffic and fail to generate business.  Here are some SEO content tips and strategies that can help you avoid wasting money and turn your website into an asset rather than a liability. Continue reading “Why Most Websites Fail” »

SEO Writing Tips

Written By: Greg - Mar• 23•11

Any savvy marketer will tell you that the key to high search engine rankings comes down to quality SEO content writing.  Yes, everything starts with in-depth keyword research, market analysis, proper structuring of the website itself, social media integration, and a number of other “on-page” factors.  But once that work is done, SEO content writing is critical for success and at the very least, it must be crafted in the following 3 ways: Continue reading “SEO Writing Tips” »

Dominate Your Local Market

Written By: Greg - Mar• 20•11

Traditionally, when a small business is looking to improve sales within their local market, they will turn to newspaper advertising, flyers, direct mail, and other forms of print/display advertising.  As a secondary source of leads, small business owners frequently join their local Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups.  Those with the financial means may even hire an advertising agency to help them formulate a marketing plan. While all of these means of marketing are viable, none of them tap into the resource that most people rely on above all others- the internet. Continue reading “Dominate Your Local Market” »