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Written By: Greg

I Want to Tell Your Story!

Surveys indicate that up to 81% of Americans have a book idea. However, the process of transforming that idea into a well-written publication crosses a chasm that few ever achieve.

I will help you turn your dream into reality!

The truth is that there are probably thousands of people out there who are capable of putting the commas in the right places, correcting your spelling, and making sure that none of your participles dangle.

So why do you need me?

Turning a manuscript into something a publisher will desire does take a specific writing knowledge, but more importantly, it requires one familiar with the business of books. Yes, the business of books.

When a publisher reads your manuscript, they have one thought in mind, “Will this book sell?”  They will spend 2-3 minutes reviewing your first few pages looking for specific qualities that will make your book worthy of their time and attention. If your ghostwriter knows what the publisher seeks, then your book has the advantage over the thousands of manuscripts headed for rejection.

Why am I unique as a ghostwriter?

I have studied intensely under master ghostwriter, Claudia Suzanne, who has ghosted over 100 titles in a wide variety of categories.

Her “seminal text,” Secrets of a Ghostwriter: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Theory, Skills, and Politics of Ghostwriting,  is the only known textbook on the subject and her Ghostwriter Certification Training program the only known avenue to becoming a Certified Ghostwriter. Through her books, teaching, and mentoring, Claudia has launched or expanded dozens of ghostwriting and book-industry careers.

Claudia’s training program focuses specifically on the business of ghostwriting from the first written word through fulfillment.  As a certified ghostwriter, I am one of only a handful of writers with the knowledge necessary to get your book into the hands of your audience.

Whether you are looking to author the next fiction best seller, compose a professional piece for career advancement/credibility, or create a marketing tool that sets you apart from others in your industry, I can help you to reach your goals.

What’s the first step?

Contact me today and let’s discuss your book!  I’m ready to listen.